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About Us

About Us Page

Our Focus is geared towards helping all manner of companies, be it small and medium scale enterprises or Large Companies and Multinationals to effectively reach their customers online, when they are searching for them or just doing some thing random on the net, as long as the customers are right for your business or company.

We are also a 100% youth brand and this enables us bring passion, energy, creativity and modern innovations to ensuring you attain the desired success you envision. We operate with your company staff to set the right goals for your business and also work in unison to achieve this goal, be it to increase awareness, to generate more sales or attract more customers or to generate more traffic to your website and office.

About our company

Radah Labs is an indigenous Digital Marketing Laboratory Network. We specialize in making and using various online technologies to ensure that all brands we operate with have maximal reach online regardless of the goal set by the company.

Although we are a emerging top brand in the Digital marketing world, Radah Labs have staff and personnel that have had over 3 years of Digital marketing and online advertising experience working with big brands like Google Inc., AIESEC and have undergone several international training like the Google Ambassadorial Training (Ghana 2014) and the Google Online Marketing Lab (Lagos 2014), which hosted individuals from around Africa and the World amongst others.

Our Uniqueness

Our style of operation is dynamic and flexible making it very easy and conducive to fit perfectly into the operations of your company. In essence our chain of values makes us the best choice for promoting and growing your business:

Our Vision

Making Business growth easier: Developing a Business economy where all customer meets their destined service partners and maximal Satisfaction for all is achieved.

Our Mission


  • Making Brands more online savvy by generating more online brand experience
  • Developing Nigeria’s Online Business Community by reaching more businesses
  • Creating unique Brand concepts and amazing customer experiences


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